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The Australian Industry and Defence Network Inc. (AIDN) is proud to be a Supportive Employer of Defence Reserves.

Visit the Defence Reserves website to find out about your role, rights and responsibilities when you employ a member of the Defence Reserves. Or contact the Defence Reserves Support help line on 1800 803 485.
Australian Government accreditation of a voluntary product stewardship arrangement provides an avenue for recognising and encouraging excellence in product stewardship. Attaining accreditation communicates to the public that the arrangement has been independently assessed as credible by the Australian Government. Accreditation also provides assurance to the community that voluntary product stewardship arrangements are achieving real and effective outcomes. Accreditation is valid for a five year period. Accredited product stewardship arrangements are able to use the Product Stewardship logo as an indication of their Australian Government accredited status.
FluoroCycle is a voluntary scheme, sponsored by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council, to increase recycling of mercury-containing lamps. The initial focus of the scheme is on the commercial and public lighting sectors, as these account for most of the mercury-containing lamps used in Australia.
AIDN is a signatory to this scheme.