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Current Company R&D Projects

Poly Systems Pty Ltd
Weapon System 7.62mm TRL 5
Weapon System 20 mm TRL 2
Dearmer IDD for IEDs TRL 2
IDD ‘Stand-off’ Projectiles TRL 7
IDD Robot TRL 2
Heat Suppression TRL 3
For rotary- fixed wing aircraft, Main Battle Tanks, Vehicles and Naval Vessels

Syntonic Technologies Pty Ltd and Permian Pty Ltd
Syntonic’s patented mobile satellite antenna technology will provide Network Centric Systems designers and engineers with the first truly mobile satellite communications capability from geostationary satellites – one that simultaneously provides high mobility and high bandwidth. Permian’s advanced software design tools will be invaluable for adapting the antenna to other frequencies, and its expertise in real-time antenna control algorithms will ensure maximum performance for any application. TRL 7

Sentient Software Pty Ltd
i-Sentry is a real-time surveillance video analysis and response system (COTS). It is a computer vision system for monitoring surveillance video in active environments. The system highlights abnormal behaviour and ignores normal motion, which it learns by passive observation. Ideal for rapid deployment and perimeter defence. TRL 7
The Sentient Vision System. A real-time computer vision system suitable for real-time tracking of moving objects in video footage from gyrating/translating/rotating platforms such as that obtained from a UAV or mobile platform. The core vision system forms the basis of the above i-Sentry system. TRL 4