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R&D Collaborative Assistance

CSIRO Novel Materials & Processes
NM&P consists of a multidisciplinary team of 100 scientists and technicians, offering a unique capability of disciplines within the fields of: Surface Science, Materials Science, Molecular Design, Electrochemistry, Polymer science, Ceramics, Inorganic & organic chemistry, Nano- & microstructure fabrication, Mathematical modelling, Physics.

CSIRO Sustainable Built Science
SBE comprises a research group with more than 70 scientific and technical staff located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offering specialised research skills related to buildings, transport or water and utilities networks in planning, design and modelling (from an individual facility to an entire urban system or monitoring, assessment and management of infrastructure systems.

CSIRO Energy & Thermofluids Engineering
The E&TE team comprises 44 scientists supported by 16 technical staff offering expertise in: Fluid mechanics, Solid-state ionics, Catalytic technology, Heat and mass transfer, Acoustics, Combustion Chemistry, Computer modelling, Behaviour of granular materials, Fire safety engineering.

CSIRO Complex Systems Integration
The CCSI team comprises 47 engineers and scientists ready to provide prototype solutions, products, methods and software tools for a wide range of applications in industrial systems and infrastructure management.

CSIRO Elaborately Transformed Metals
CETM provides a team of 80 engineers, scientists and technicians who offer leading expertise in: Welding science, Casting technology, Alloy development, Casting & forming tooling, Surface engineering, Physical & process metallurgy, Process & equipment engineering, Flow, heat transfer and solidification modelling, Metallography and electron microscopy.

Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC)
The development of futuristic materials for use in ships, aircraft and combat vehicles is now a reality, with the establishment of the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC).
The DMTC is the first centre of its kind, and will bring together some of Australia’s brightest talents in the field of materials technology research.
Participants such as Bluescope Steel, BAE Systems, Thales Australia, GKN Aerospace, Surface Technology Coatings, ANSTO, Wollongong University and Queensland University have been unstinting in their commitment and co-operation.
A board of directors has been elected, and Dr Mark Hodge has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, with effect 30 June 2008.  The DMTC officially commenced operations on 10 June on the signing of the Commonwealth Agreement, and will open its doors at the beginning of July. Visit for more information.