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DEWC Services builds a cloud-ready workforce for Defence

Photo and Article courtesy of DEWC Services.


DEWC Services, a leading provider of C4ISREW capabilities, is building the next generation of cloud-native specialists to help Australia’s Defence Force harness innovative cloud technology.

As military operations become increasingly data-driven, timely access to information and applications is critical for the Australian Defence Force. Cloud computing provides the scale to manage increasingly large volumes of data while enabling greater collaboration between Defence and its strategic partners.

DEWC Services has been working closely with key Defence stakeholders to develop cloud-native software and unlock the benefits of cloud technology. DEWC Services Chief Information Officer, Troy Boswell, said cloud services will further enhance work involving artificial intelligence (AI), modern software architectures and cybersecurity.

“For Defence to realise AI at enterprise scale, it must leverage cloud technology. The cloud offers secure, elastic and scalable resources to exceed Defence’s needs now and into the future,” Boswell said.

“To support advanced technologies such as AI, it is unsustainable for Defence to manage all the increasing infrastructure requirements. By leveraging the cloud, industry can provide the best available platforms, and Defence can focus on delivering capability.”

“As proven through the U.S. Department of Defense and other Five Eyes partners, cloud computing can operate with the required level of security while being responsive and dynamic enough to meet computational and storage demands as needed.”

Building a cloud-ready workforce is key to enabling Defence to realise innovation, according to Boswell, who is playing his part at DEWC Services in equipping the next generation of cyber experts with cloud computing skills. Boswell is sharing his knowledge with young talent moving through the company’s Graduate Development Program, which provides on-the-job training and mentorship. Graduates work closely with some of the country’s most experienced engineers, scientists and technicians.

“There’s a growing demand for cloud-native experts, and industry is going to have to step up to fill the skills deficit in Australia to help Defence leverage cloud platforms,” he said.

Allan Dundas, DEWC Services CEO maintains that DEWC Services is continually building the next-generation workforce to add to the Defence enterprise.

“These initiatives showcase DEWC Services’ ability to generate ideas, create value, and improve processes, actively driving innovation within the Defence industry.

Collectively, DEWC Services have significantly solidified our role as a key player in advancing Australia’s Defence strategic objectives,” he said.

DEWC Services boasts a multi-disciplinary team, ranging from graduates to experienced professionals with expertise across the entire spectrum of cyber capability, including software engineering, computer science, machine learning and cyber security. Together, they support Defence in research and capability realisation across Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare.


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