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Media Release – Defence fuel support systems modernised to increase operational reach and endurance

Australian defence industry will modernise critical fuel support systems to enable the rapid and independent deployment of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).


World Fuel Services – Australia Pty Ltd has been contracted to replace, modernise and support the ADF’s deployable bulk fuel storage and distribution capability.


Brigadier John-Paul Ouvrier, Director General Land Vehicle Systems, said it was essential the ADF has appropriate fuel support systems which enabled the ADF to conduct agile and sustained operations, managed independently of the host nation and coalition support.


“Modernising strategic logistic capabilities, such as the ADF’s deployable bulk fuel distribution systems, increases the joint force’s operational reach and endurance, which is vital to all ADF missions, from war fighting to humanitarian assistance.


“A scalable fuel capability would also expand the ADF’s response options during domestic and international natural disasters and civil emergencies.


“World Fuel Services – Australia has agreed to partner with Australian industry, under its Indo-Pacific Collaboration Program, to develop an enduring local design and technical support hub, and support access to its global supply chain.”


World Fuel Services – Australia will act as the prime system integrator, to deliver and support the capability under Phase 1 of the JOINT 8190 project.”


The project consists of deployable storage tanks, pumps, hoses, pipelines, fuel safety systems (fire protection and pollution control), performance monitoring and quality control equipment, that together enable the movement of different fuel types into and around the area of operations. The new system will also enable the transfer of fuel from ship–to-shore via a pipeline.


The contracts are valued at around $166.2 million over seven years.


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Defence Media: media@defence.gov.au


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