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Export Controls Australia Group Partners with Australian Industry & Defence Network to Bolster SMEs under AUKUS Agenda


Canberra, Australia, Thursday 13 June 2024 – In a landmark initiative set to revolutionise support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the Defence industry, the Export Controls Australia Group (ECAG) and the Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to navigate the complexities of export controls, fostering growth and innovation in line with the AUKUS agenda.

The partnership signifies a unified effort to empower SMEs, offering unparalleled advocacy, information dissemination, and collaborative opportunities. With ECAG’s dedication to assisting the Defence sector through insightful guidance on export controls, and AIDN’s commitment to the prosperity of Australian Defence industry SMEs, this alliance is poised to create substantial impacts.

Enhancing SME Capabilities: At the core of this partnership is the mission to enhance the operational capabilities of SMEs, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of export controls. Through this collaboration, SMEs will gain access to tailored support, ensuring compliance with international standards while maximising their export potential.

Advocacy and Information Sharing: Leveraging ECAG’s role, the partnership aims to provide robust advocacy on behalf of SMEs. AIDN and ECAG will work together to facilitate workshops, seminars, and forums designed to keep businesses informed and ahead of regulatory changes. This initiative will also enhance the dialogue between the Defence industry and governmental bodies, ensuring that SMEs have a voice in shaping policies that affect their operations.

Collaboration Under the AUKUS Agenda: This initiative aligns with the broader objectives of the AUKUS agreement, underpinning efforts to strengthen the Defence capabilities of Australia and its allies. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, the partnership is set to accelerate innovation and technological advancement within the Defence sector.

A Vision for the Future: “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to the Australian Defence industry,” said Jessica Rankin, CEO for ECAG. “Together with AIDN, we are dedicated to building a resilient and innovative Defence sector that not only meets the current challenges but is also prepared for the opportunities of tomorrow.”

“Our partnership with ECAG is an important step for the membership of AIDN, ECAG is working closely with Defence on the issue of export controls and are the premier organisation on this issue, working closely together I believe we will provide our Defence Industry with the best possible and advice in dealing in this complex area.” Said Brent Clark, CEO for AIDN.

SMEs within the Defence sector are encouraged to engage with the resources and support offered through this partnership. By collaborating closely with ECAG and AIDN, businesses can look forward to a future of growth, compliance, and success on the international stage.

About Export Controls Australia Group (ECAG)

ECAG is a leading organisation dedicated to supporting the Defence industry in navigating export controls. With a focus on advocacy, information, and collaboration, ECAG plays a pivotal role in ensuring businesses can thrive in a complex regulatory environment.

As the only not-for-profit, membership-based Export Control Association in Australia, ECAG is dedicated to supporting Practitioners, Primes, SMEs, and Academia. Our mission is to provide a collective voice to the government and international partners, ensuring a fair and simplified approach to export controls.

Media Contact – Jessica Rankins CEO ECAG, Mobile +61 (0) 437 423 567


The Australian Industry & Defence Network Incorporated (AIDN) is the peak industry association for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) who support the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Department of Defence (DoD).
AIDN represents almost 1000 Australian SMEs, who employ approximately 61,000 of Australian workers across the country.

At a time of national economic and geopolitical uncertainty, our hardworking middle Australians contributed $10.6 billion to the Australian economy in the 2021-22 financial year, through our sovereign supply chains; modern manufacturing practices; research and innovation; skills development; and regional and veteran employment.

AIDN’s nationwide membership is agile and can pivot to support the Australian Government to deliver its urgent needs requirements, but we need clarity on specific capability priorities.

Established in 1995, AIDN represents the interests of Australian SMEs in the Defence and security industry sectors through advocacy, representation and member services. AIDN is committed to supporting the Australian Government in delivering a self-reliant Australia through the development of a sovereign, onshore defence industrial capability, guided by what the ADF requires.

Media Contact – Brent Clark, CEO, AIDN, mobile +61 (0) 409 445 145


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